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1Andrew GOSNEY (767085) Life (NSBC)
Abigail Wanigaratne (707937) *National (NSBC)
Gary Gibbards (942324) *State (Caboolture)
Debbie Gibbards (942332) *State (Caboolture)
2Diana DICK (100633) Grand (NSBC)
Bruce Stephens (994197) Club (NSBC)
Margaret Pilgrim (647268) *Local (NSBC)
Rosemary Nosovich (567140) **Local (NSBC)
3Michelle RADKE (275621) Grand (QCBC)
Lin Kendall (842621) State (Toowong)
Lesley Anderson (505978) State (Toowong)
Jennifer Vickers (107824) National (QCBC)
4Ian HALFORD (261564) Grand (QCBC)
Diana Khursandi (867047) State (Caboolture)
Ann Thomson (782904) **Local (Caboolture)
Maureen Lovelock (415261) State (Caboolture)
Paid $90 
5John GOUGH (137091) Grand (QCBC)
Helen Blair (825395) *State (Toowong)
Deanne Gaskill (862274) *State (QCBC)
Anthony Marsland (829471) *State (Toowong)
6Herold RIENSTRA (112941) Silver Life (Redcliffe)
Maree Filippini (763489) *National (Redcliffe)
Jennifer Bavage (627755) *National (Redcliffe)
Melissa Weber (844950) *National (Redcliffe)
7Paul MITCHELL (242411) National** (Kenmore)
Jan Deitch (545473) Local** (Kenmore)
Pam Ditchfield (126713) Regional (Kenmore)
Lily Manlapig (784656) Regional (Kenmore)
8Phil HALE (598526) Grand (Toowong)
Merrill Lance (744311) Local** (Toowong)
Chris Farr (889067) State (Toowong)
Jan Flanigan (852309) *Local (Kenmore)
9Peter NILSSON (728349) Gold Life (QCBC)
Wendy Casey (921671) State (NSBC)
Barbara Moni (904856) State (NSBC)
Pat Eather (873306) State (Toowong)
10Craig FRANCIS (681253) Silver Life (Toowong)
Warren Males (1562) State (Kenmore)
Andrew Sharp (931292) State (Kenmore)
Susan Sharp (931306) State (Kenmore)
11David LEHMANN (674621) Silver Life (NSBC)
Margaret Baker (637289) National (NSBC)
Lorraine Pescatore (746029) *State (NSBC)
Margaret Munro (812153) Regional (NSBC)
12Richard WARD (107964) Silver Grand (QCBC)
Mel Gilmour (772879) State (Kenmore)
Sue Noble (681164) State (Kenmore)
Diane McClintock (203262) State (Kenmore)
13John SCRIVENS (471054) Gold Life (NSBC)
Graham White (921688) State (NSBC)
Claudia Gibson (918040) **Local (NSBC)
Jann Simmonds (993484) Graduate (BBC)
14Graham RUSHER (107001) Grand (Kenmore)
Lynette Draper (425321) *Local (NSBC)
Graham Killoran (791581) Graduate (NSBC)
Era Palit (737879) Regional (NSBC)
15Peter EVANS (213527) Grand (Kenmore)
Anne Russell (722456) National (Kenmore)
Jenny Iliescu (732761) *State (Kenmore)
Peter Allingham (843075) **Local (Kenmore)
16Murray PERRIN (659444) Grand (QCBC)
Clare Gleeson (872733) Local (Kenmore)
Heather Todd (863823) Local (Kenmore)
John Todd (863831) Club (Kenmore)
17Paul ROBERTS (412317) Gold Life (NSBC)
Sumant Handa (933430) State (NSBC)
Eugene Pereira (1027212) **Local (NSBC)
Rex Meadowcroft (431311) **Local (NSBC)
18Eileen LI (790443) Gold Life (QCBC)
Ying Liu (650692) Regional (Sunnybank)
Mark Meng (748706) Local (Sunnybank)
Ping Xie (955299) State (Sunnybank)
19Mick FAWCETT (813656) Life (Kenmore)
Greg Petrie (942189) Club (Kenmore)
Susie Thomson (851914) Club (Kenmore)
Cherie Orchard (896306) Club (Kenmore)
20Richard WALLIS (107931) Silver Grand (BBC)
Lyn Tracey (827207) *National (Kenmore)
Robin Webcke (395366) *National (QCBC)
Peter Lang (451746) National (Toowong)
21Jim EVANS (183709) Grand (QCBC)
Diana Hotchkis (903760) Club (NSBC)
Karyn Aaker (1040340) Club (NSBC)
Jane Propsting (1013807) Graduate (NSBC)
22Loraine KING (57665) Silver Life (Kenmore)
Neil Smith (720712) *State (Toowong)
Verdun Park (705241) State (Toowong)
Kathy Males (294594) National (Kenmore)
23Paul COLLINS (164917) Silver Grand (QCBC)
Jenny Sanders (992127) Club (Toowong)
Keith Sanders (992135) Club (Toowong)
Jen Ahern (102571) Local (NSBC)
24Tim RUNTING (146285) Gold Life (Kenmore)
Robert Olander (892394) **Local (Kenmore)
Sue Ziegenfuss (939366) State (Kenmore)
Jill Dunning (678090) **Local (Kenmore)
25Albert LOH (832911) *National (NSBC)
Clare Mudie (763764) **Local (NSBC)
Carolyn McKinnon (1039067) Club (NSBC)
Jeannette Wyman (815861) Regional (NSBC)
26Mike PEMBERTON (106615) Silver Grand (QCBC)
Del Dudman (751448) National (QCBC)
Barbara Bright (684643) State (QCBC)
Kevin Hamilton-Reen (155772) State (Beenleigh)
27Claire HYNE (82376) Grand (QCBC)
Kris Sullivan (1054724) Graduate (QCBC)
Vivienne Van Rooyen (992380) Graduate (QCBC)
Louise Purdie
28Charles PAGE (586013) Life (QCBC)
Peter Neil (1059671) Graduate (Kenmore)
Linda Neil (1059661) Nil (Kenmore)
Kath Lansdowne (415561) Club (NSBC)
P & L Neil paid $60 
29Jack ROHDE (106968) Silver Life (QCBC)
Vanessa Wells (1061811) nil (NSBC)
Merrilyn Gavin (1058241) nil (NSBC)
Helen Baran (1058061) nil (NSBC)
30Sue O'BRIEN (407496) Grand (QCBC)
Peter Green (1022571) Graduate (QCBC)
Sue Green (1022581) Graduate (QCBC)
Lyn Lobo (1010298) Club (Eastern Suburbs)
31Tony TRELOAR (705284) Grand (QCBC)
Anna Green (973270) Club (Arana)
Yvonne Zande (941190) **Local (Arana)
Ros Geschke (769622) *Local (Arana)
32Claire GREEN (104485) Grand (QCBC)
Thais Morgan-Pertus (1034316) Nil (QCBC)
Peter Fredericks (1065831) Nil (QCBC)
Chris Green (1034545) Graduate (QCBC)
33Richard FOX (592171) Grand (QCBC)
Stephen Bennett (1057782) Nil (QCBC)
Louise Bennett (1057995) Nil (QCBC)
Debbie Carroll (1059459) Nil (QCBC)
34Greg GOSNEY (321729) Gold Life (NSBC)
Neil Benson (898619) *Local (NSBC)
Anne Johnson (923680) *Local (NSBC)
Vad Furminger (946796) **Local (NSBC)
House Team 
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