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Beginner Bridge Lessons
Beginners lessons are conducted twice yearly and are free of charge. These run for eight (8) weeks and are followed by a few weeks of Transitional Play. Enquiries can be emailed to the Club Secretary.

2017 Beginner lessons
January 31 - March 21 2017 - commencing 10.00am
February 1 - March 22 2017 - commencing at 7.30pm
July 11 - August 29 2017 - commencing at 10.00am
July 19 - September 6 2017 - commencing at 7.30pm

2017 Help with Play sessions
March 28 - May 16 2017 - commencing at 10.00am
March 29 - May 17 2017 - commencing at 7.30pm
September 5 - October 24 2017 - commencing at 9.30am
September 13 - November 1 2017 - commencing at 7.30pm

Tuesday afternoons
Tuesday afternoon play is a dedicated Novice session and New-to-Bridge players are encouraged to begin their playing careers here. It is not necessary to have a partner as one will be provided.

Improver Bridge Lessons
2017 dates to be advised.

Links to useful resources for Novices
ABF Bridge ethics and etiquette
Bridge etiquette basics
Handy Guide for Competition Play
ABF System Card
How to complete an ABF System Card

Diana Dick - beginner bridge lessons
My family are all bridge players and I played auction bridge at home from primary school age. Introduced to contract bridge at university, it became my passion. I played only socially while my children were small, and joined Northern Suburbs, Toowong, and QCBC in 1981. I am a director and teacher at these clubs, and I particularly enjoy teaching. After many partnerships over the years, I play mostly now with my husband Ross, whose expertise helped me reach the level of Grand Master.

Andy Slater - advanced bridge lessons
I was first introduced to bridge when at boarding school in England. I loved the game but I didnít play at all in my twenties. Iíd been married for about 6 months when I suggested to my father-in-law, Ross Dick, that it would be nice to have a game sometime. Iíd never heard of a bidding system, so on the way to our first game Ross was telling me all about the 4321 hand valuation, INT 16-18 etc.

It was all gobbledygook but we did well. After that I studied a copy of Bridge Basics by Ron Klinger and I was away. The game has given me immense pleasure over the years, not just for the game but also for the many friends I have made in that time. When I retired from teaching, I recognised a need for players with some experience to advance their bidding skills and hone their playing technique. So I started developing my courses for Advancing Players.

I am happy to try to impart to these players some of the finer points of the game so hopefully they will enjoy the game as much as I have.

Gary Mitchell - Hand Analysis
My introduction to bridge came as a teenager in Adelaide through my parents who played the Culbertson System. At University I spent much of my leisure time playing bridge in the George Simon Hall, and during the first few years as a Secondary School teacher I played Teamsí bridge using the Precision Club System. My wife and I moved to Kingaroy in 1974 and resumed playing there. But after moving to Brisbane in 1978, bridge was totally put aside until I retired in July 2000 when we joined both the Arana and Northern Suburbs Bridge Clubs. In 2004 I became involved in the Clubís Help-With-Play sessions as well as the newly introduced Kidsí Bridge.