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Session Times

MONDAY10:00 am2:00 pmBYO lunch
 7.15 pm10.15 pm
TUESDAY 9.15 am 12.45pm
 1.15 pm4.15 pmRegional Master Ranking or below ie < 100 MP session.
WEDNESDAY 9.15 am 12:45 pm
 7:15 pm10:15 pm
THURSDAY 9:15 am 12.45 pm
FRIDAY 9:15 am12:45 pm
 1.15 PM4.15 PMRegional Master Ranking or below ie < 100 MP session.
SATURDAY1.00 pm4.30 pm

Supervised Help-with-Play: Refer Lessons page for 2022 HWP dates
Table fees: Members $8, Visitors $10
Partner Requests: Email Partnership Request stating your name, session(s) required and Masterpoint status
Members are asked to please arrive 15 minutes before session time and TURN OFF mobile phones.